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Proud to share our Advance Review Copy for Volume 1! We are proud of how it turned out and welcome your feedback. If you have any, please share at [email protected].


Thanks for stopping by! I’m going to be transparent… I’ve written a story I’m really proud of, but as far as bringing this project to life, we are figuring it out as we go. I’d like to use this space to give you guys a peak into the journey.

We don’t have an exact timetable laid out, but we’re expecting the editing & illustrating process to take well into 2023 to complete. Of course we’d like to deliver the end product faster, but it just means we have more time to grow a community (of which we’re hopeful you’ll be a part!). We have plenty of content planned to keep you smiling, via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I’ll also be releasing the complete first book of our series for free here on the website once we finish a few more illustrations.

Otherwise, if you have any experience with the publishing process (or have a good friend who does!), or any suggestions or desire to lend a hand with anything–editing, publishing, representation, digital strategy, community management, beta reading or anything else really–please email me at [email protected]. Let’s make this a team effort… The Left Shoe has a crew and I want one too!

Thanks so much for your interest!