Content Sample: Intro (from Book #1)
This is an excerpt from the intro, as the crew prepares for their journey…

One day in the spring the shoe heard the phone ring
And just as he answered “hello?”
The ball said “Left Shoe, we are coming for you
There is something that you need to know.”
A few minutes passed and a door knock at last
The ball rolled up with his whole clan
The pen and the cap, the jet and his map
But this time the map had a plan.

Scene 1.7

“My jet took a class, she studied and passed
And now she has learned how to fly
And since I am a map and our friend is a cap
We can go anywhere through the sky
We’re excited to go and see where the winds blow
But first we all thought about you
There’s room for one more and we’re set to explore
To search for your missing right shoe.”

Scene 1.8

The crew’s plan was fixed but the left shoe felt mixed
Emotions, excitement and fear
The Left Shoe was scared as he felt unprepared
For a world so large and unclear
“The others must be so much braver than me”
He worried that his fear would show
The jet then chimed in as she said with a grin
“Through fear is the way that we grow.”

Scene 1.9