Content Sample: Pacific Ocean (from Book #2)
This is an excerpt from the second book, where the crew has landed in a beautiful, remote island in the South Pacific…

As they touched the ground there was nary a sound
Just a breeze with the freshest of air
And then they were met by a pleasant duet
Of chubby birds with spiky hair
“We’re known as kiwis, we will put you at ease”
Said the pair, “we are glad you came by
We are birds as you see and carefree as can be
But we are birds who cannot fly.”

Kiwi birds and the Left Shoe

“If we may take a peek it’s a shoe that you seek
And you’ve traveled in search of a mate
We do not know one as like you there are none
And you should be proud of that fate!
There are birds that can fly gracefully through the sky
But we are not jealous okay
You may think it bizarre but we love how we are
Unique in our own special way.”

“Sometimes you may feel like you have no appeal
We all feel unworthy at times
Be thankful for you and the things you go through
And your confidence will quickly climb
We all have our kinks and what everyone thinks
You should not give concern at all
Those of us with smarts do not chase likes or hearts
We just love ourselves and stand tall.”