This is an excerpt from Book #6, where the crew encounters a fest happening. The inspiration is something I learned during the writing process about stolperstein, or ‘tripping stones.’

(Illustrations to come)

With laughter and song and a jubilant throng
It seemed like a wonderful town
The crew was then thrown when the jet hit a stone
That tripped her wheels as she touched down
The jet made a halt to atone for her fault
The stone said that he didn’t mind
“As past me you whizz to make you stumble is
Exactly for what I’m designed.”

“We love to have fun and drink beer in the sun
But it is my job to remind
My neighbors and mates and to all I relate
In the past we’ve not always been kind
At times we will stray and from good go away
And with a bad crowd go along
But as we inspect it is key to reflect
And recognize when we are wrong.”

“Mistakes you will make and missteps you will take
Perfection should not be the goal
When you set schemes in pursuit of your dreams
You may at times lose some control
When we learn something new that conflicts with our view
Don’t brush it off with a slight
The real thing that counts is the strength to announce
When we realize we are not right.”

“A mind open wide is a great source of pride
Our views we can always update
When we explore and we learn something more
From a respectful debate
I know all the feet that have walked in these streets
The beauty of being a stone
But of all the shoes in all sizes and hues
I’ve never seen one on his own.”