Sample from Book #5, when the crew runs into a beautiful King Protea plant in Southern Africa…

King Protea Plant

Without further haste to the south the crew raced
Using their hearts as a guide
And soon they had seen a bold flowery queen
With tiny birds on the inside
She had petals which were colorful and rich
A beautiful bulb that would bloom
And she’d present such a beautiful scent
A soft and sweet-smelling perfume.”

“We hate to encroach but we had to approach
You’re beauty we’re grateful to see
My name is Left Shoe and this here is my crew
Have you seen another like me?
Our instincts are true and have led us to you
We hope from your wisdom to gain…”
The flower she sighed, and then she replied
“I have a great deal to explain.'”

“I know many shoes of greens, yellows and blues
Of all the colors you can name
Purples and pinks and with mixtures of inks
But really they all are the same
It hurts me to say that in previous days
We tried to keep colors apart
Wisdom we spurned ’til we finally learned
Division is not very smart.”

“What used to divide is a great source of pride
We’re stronger together as one
We are more refined and with interests aligned
Seem to have so much more fun
To have equal rights is a cause worth a fight
Others’ freedoms don’t take yours away
I wish you farewell and remember my smell
As you proceed on your way.”

“I almost forgot ’twas a shoe that you sought
I’ve met many shoes in my day
But if you have planned to find one in this land
Then I demand that you stay
Just like a great book it is not just the look
That determines the value within
You find the sublime from devoting your time
Look deeper than only the skin.”